Source code for penman.exceptions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

[docs]class PenmanError(Exception): """Base class for errors in the Penman package."""
[docs]class ConstantError(PenmanError): """Raised when working with invalid constant values."""
[docs]class GraphError(PenmanError): """Raised on invalid graph structures or operations."""
[docs]class LayoutError(PenmanError): """Raised on invalid graph layouts."""
[docs]class DecodeError(PenmanError): """Raised on PENMAN syntax errors.""" def __init__(self, message: str = None, filename: str = None, lineno: int = None, offset: int = None, text: str = None): self.message = message self.filename = filename self.lineno = lineno self.offset = offset self.text = text def __str__(self): parts = [] if self.filename is not None: parts.append(f'File "{self.filename}"') if self.lineno is not None: parts.append(f'line {self.lineno}') if parts: parts = ['', ' ' + ', '.join(parts)] if self.text is not None: parts.append(' ' + self.text) if self.offset is not None: parts.append(' ' + (' ' * self.offset) + '^') elif parts: parts[-1] += f', character {self.offset}' if self.message is not None: name = self.__class__.__name__ parts.append(f'{name}: {self.message}') return '\n'.join(parts)
[docs]class SurfaceError(PenmanError): """Raised on invalid surface information."""
[docs]class ModelError(PenmanError): """Raised when a graph violates model constraints."""