Installation and Setup#

Penman releases are available on PyPI and the source code is on GitHub.


The Penman package runs with Python 3.8 and higher versions, but otherwise it has no dependencies beyond Python’s standard library.


Install the latest version from PyPI with pip:

$ pip install penman

This command makes the penman module available in your Python environment and as well as the penman command at the command line.

For Contributors#

Developers and contributors of Penman can clone the source code and use Hatch to interact with the project:

$ git clone
$ cd penman/
$ hatch version

The dev environment contains scripts for linting, type-checking, and testing the code:

$ hatch run dev:lint
$ hatch run dev:typecheck
$ hatch run dev:test

The docs environment contains scripts for building the documentation and for cleaning the build files:

$ hatch run docs:build
$ hatch run docs:clean